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Monday - 23/04/2018 15:53
Student life at UED is created by enthusiasm and willingness to help the community and to make up a valuable part of the overall university experience. Through meaning social activities, students can share their good deeds, develop their social and interpersonal skills by getting involved in running organizations. This will help to improve their ability to build meaningful relationship with many others people in the community. Responsibility, good judgment, endurance and teamwork skills can also be developed during such activities. 
Summer of Volunteers: "Green Summer movement"
Campaign activities aim to promote the pioneering role of youths in socio-economic development and ensuring social security and defense in remote, border, and island areas.
Since 2001, in volunteer campaigns of each summer, the UED youth focuses on activities like building or repairing 600km of rural roads; teaching science and technology to rural children; constructing  houses for social beneficiaries; providing free medical examinations, treatment, and medicine for the poor people; and giving books, school supplies for children.
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Blood Donation Activity
For many years, the humanitarian blood donation has always received a high attention of the student at UED and has been at the forefront of UED‘s volunteer movements with an enthusiastic and active participation of a lot of students. This activity not only shows the noble deeds of the UED students, it also honors the tradition of love, the spirit of mutual support and the enthusiasm, willingness to share with the community of the UED youth.
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Economic support for poor students
The UED has a lot of policies to support for poor students in order to encourage them to overcome difficulties in their life and learning. 
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