Mission - Vision - Educational Philosophy


The University of Da Nang - University of Science and Education has the mission of training and developing high quality human resources, and promoting scientific research and technology transfer in educational science, natural science, social science and humanities in order to actively boost community development with commitment to educational quality assurance and international integration.


By 2030, The University of Da Nang - University of Science and Education will become an  independent and self-managed university with full capacity for training and scientific research in some key areas with international quality standards, and with high ranking and prestige in South East Asia and in the world.


Comprehensiveness, Liberation, Creativity, Practicality

 - Comprehensiveness: The graduates shall develop comprehensively in teams of morality – intellectuality – physicality – aesthetics, meeting the requirement of national development and international integration.

- Liberation: Liberation education ensures learners acquire broad general knowledge and necessary skills to construct and apply their understandings to a variety of fields with a profound expertise in a certain field/area.
- Creativity: Creativity drives progress in every human endeavor, from the sciences to technology, business, and art. Creative education promotes leaners to view things in new ways or from a different perspective. From which, the learners are able to choose/follow the most effective ways/thinking for their leaning, researches, and future work.
- Practicality: Practicality plays a significantly important role on education and training as theory and practice are inextricably linked. A combination between theory and practice is very essential to help graduates apply discipline knowledge flexibly to their work.
  • Quality is the basis;
  • Comprehensive education for learners;
  • Developing a student- centered learning society;
  • Building a democratic, disciplined, open and friendly learning environment;
  • Learning experience of higher education in Vietnam and abroad with an active and creative spirit;
  • Constantly improving the quality of management, training and scientific research;
  • Responsibly serving the country and the community.
  • All staffs are a collective of solidarity which has responsibility to preserve and promote good traditions of the university and to strive for its development.
  • The dignity and the capacity of teaching and managing staff are decisive factors of quality.


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