Mission - Vision


University of Education - the University of Da Nang performs tasks of training and fostering high-quality human resources in the Center Area, the Highlands and the whole country; developing scientific research, technology transfers and international cooperation in the fields of education, natural science and technology, social sciences and humanities; serving the community with commitment to guarantee the quality of education and international integration.


By 2030, University of Education - the University of Danang will become an auntonomous center of education having capacity of training and research in a series of cutting-edge fields that meet international quality standards, and a prestigious university classified at high level in the Southeast Asia and in the whole world.
  • Quality is the basis;
  • Human education is developed in an integral way;
  • Develop a learning society that focuses on the student;
  • Build a democratic, disciplined, open and friendly training environment;
  • Refer experiences of different training centers for education in Vietnam and abroad with an active and creative spirit;
  • Constantly improve the quality of management, training and scientific research;
  • Responsibly serve the country and the community.
  • All staffs are a collective of solidarity which has responsibility to preserve and promote good traditions of the university and to strive for its development.
  • The dignity and the capacity of professors and education managers are decisive factors of quality.


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