UED Deans

Ho Tran Ngoc Oanh, PhD Faculty of Literature http://nguvan.ued.udn.vn
0236 733326
Nguyen Minh Ly, PhD Faculty of Biology and Environment http://www.bio-env.edu.vn
0236 3733292
Nguyen Tran Quoc Vinh, PhD Faculty of Information Technology http://it.ued.udn.vn
0236 3733293
Pham Quy Muoi, PhD Faculty of Mathematics http://math.ued.udn.vn
0236 3733290
Nguyen Van Hieu, PhD Faculty of Physics http://phy.ued.udn.vn
0236 3733329
Nguyen Thanh Tuong, PhD Faculty of Geography http://geo.ued.udn.vn
0236 3733290
Dinh Thi Phuong, PhD Faculty of Political Education http://gdct.ued.udn.vn
0236 3841630
Ton Nu Dieu Hang, MA Faculty of Preschool Education http://gdmn.ued.udn.vn
0236 6567226
Hoang Nam Hai, PhD Faculty of Primary Education http://gdth.ued.udn.vn
0236 3733289
Nguyen Thi Tram Anh, PhD Faculty of Psychology http://tlgd.ued.udn.vn/
0236 3733288
Truong Quang Minh Duc, MA Faculty of Art Education  

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