International conference “From the Port to the World: A Global History of Indochinese Ports (1858-1956)”

Thursday - 27/10/2022 17:01
I. Objectives
The International Conference “From the Port to the World: A Global History of Indochinese Ports (1858-1956)” is a scientific forum gathering leading scientists, researchers from France, the United States, Germany, Canada, Norway, China, Japan and Vietnam. The conference creates an opportunity to study the global history of seaports and colonial Indochinese ports, building a research archive on maritime and port topics from an interdisciplinary approach. Especially, in the current context when sea trade is constantly increasing and export activities become the main development lever for the Southeast Asian economy in general and Vietnam’s economy in particular, the study of History can open up the opportunity to assess the current opportunities and challenges for marine trade activities such as port infrastructure, strategic location or regional economic development and position in the period of trade globalization.
II. Topics
The conference focuses on the following topics:
* Topic 1:
+ The role of Indochinese ports in the process of colonization and control of territories, from different aspects.
+ Vietnamese ports under military and geostrategic approach.
* Topic 2:
+ Commercial factors of Indochinese ports and their impacts on the development of port cities in particular and Indochina in general;
+ Shipping and Maritime companies, the role of these companies in connecting Indochinese ports and integration into the regional and global economy.
* Topic 3:
+ Space and social structure of Indochina port cities;
+ The social relationship of these cities with the international;
+ Organizations, associations and social movements in port cities.
* Topic 4:
+ Ports and port cities in relation to today's modern cities in Vietnam.
+ Port heritage, colonial and postcolonial heritage in literature, the press, paintings, photographs or propaganda posters...

IIITime and Venue
Time: October 27-28, 2022.
Venue: The University of Danang - University of Science and  Education
No. 459 Ton Duc Thang, Hoa Khanh Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city.
Workshops at the conference
- Workshop 1: Indochinese ports before French colonization: connectivity, circulation and networks
- Workshop 2: Indochinese ports in Literature: imaginaries and representations
- Workshop 3: From the first surveys to development: shaping the “colonial port” and the Indochinese port city.  
- Workshop 4: From statistics to commercial strategies: Revisiting the economic history of French Indochina by investigating the Indochinese ports economic realities
- Workshop 5: The Indochinese ports as communications hubs and land-sea interfaces: projects, achievements, failures.
- Workshop 6:  Ships, Port Facilities and Services
- Workshop 7: Defending Indochina and French interests in the Far East: which military history for Indochinese ports?
- Workshop 8: Indochinese ports and labor movements
- Workshop 9: Societies and colonial life in Indochinese port cities
- Workshop 10: After the “colonial port”: Indochinese ports from independence wars to the 21st century


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