ANNOUNCEMENT on Application and Admission to PhD Programs for Foreigners in 2023 at University of Science and Education

Tuesday - 09/05/2023 05:30
Pursuant to Decision No. 3297/QD-ĐHĐN dated September 29, 2021 by the President of the University of Danang on the promulgation of the Regulation on PhD program enrollment; Pursuant to the scheme for PhD program enrollment and training at University of Science and Education;
The University of Danang would like to make an announcement on the Application and Admission to PhD Programs for Foreigners in 2023 at Univeristy of Science and Education, as follows:
1. Majors
No. Code Majors
  DDS Univeristy of Science and Education
1 9140114 Educational Management
2 9140111 Theory and Methodology of Teaching subjects (Physics)
3 9420101 Biology
4 9440114 Organic chemistry
5 9480104 Information system
6 9460104 Algebra and number theory
7 9229020 Linguistics
8 9220121 Vietnamese literature
9 9229013 Vietnamese history
2. Admission method: Record examination.
3. Tuition fee
- Foreign students under the Agreement: standards, regimes, and training costs are implemented in accordance with current regulations by the Ministry of Finance and international treaties of which Vietnam is a member.
- Foreign students not under the Agreement: according to the Annoucement by the Rector of the University of Danang – Univeristy of Science and Education.
4. Requirements for admission
4.1. Candidates shall meet the following requirements:
a) Having graduated with a master's degree or a university degree with excellent grades or higher in a relevant major;
b) Meeting the entrance requirements according to the training program standards promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training and the PhD program registered;
c) Having research experience demonstrated through the master's thesis of a research-oriented training program; or published articles and reports; or having worked for 02 years (24 months) or more as lecturers or researchers of training institutions, science and technology organizations;
d) Having a research proposal and an expected study and research plan.
4.2. Requirements on foreign language
Candidate shall have Vietnamese language proficiency Level 4 or higher according to the Vietnamese Language Proficiency Framework for Foreigners or having graduated from an undergraduate, master’s and doctoral program taught in Vietnamese.
5. Application documents
5.1. Application documents include:
a) Application form (Form NCS-5);
b) Copied version and Vietnamese translation version of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and transcripts;
c) Proof of language proficiency according to Circular 30/2018/TT-BGDĐT dated 24/12/2018 by the Ministry of Education and Training on the Regulation on management of foreigners studying in Vietnam and the provisions in Section 4.2 of this Announcement;
d) Proof of scientific research experience and work experience (if any);
đ) Certified CV (within 03 months to the time of document submission) (Form NCS-3);
e) Research Proposal (Form NCS-3) and study plan (Appendix);
g) Reference letter from at least 01 scientist with professor, associate professor or doctor/ doctor of science titles in the field registered (Form NCS-4);
h) Copy and Vietnamese translation version of the birth certificate (if any);
i) Health certificate (within 06 months to the time of document submission);
k) Copy of passport with valid date for the entire period of study in Vietnam or at least 01 year from the expected date of arrival in Vietnam;
l) Proof of payment of application fee;
m) 04 photos (4x6) within 06 months to the time of submission;
n) Decision on assigning the students to go abroad by the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports (for Lao students).
5.2. Number of documents: 09 documents.
6. Application and Admission plan
Course 1: April, 2023
- Application submission: from the date of the announcement to 17/3/2023 (Friday);
- Admission process: expected on 07/4/2023 (Friday).
Course 2:  6/2023
- Application submission: from 10/4/2023 (Monday) to 15/5/2023 (Monday);
- Admission process: expected on 09/6/2023 (Friday).
Course 3:  8/2023
- Application submission: from 19/6/2023 (Monday) to 28/7/2023 (Friday);
- Admission process: expected on 18/8/2023 (Friday).
Course 4:  10/2023
- Application submission: from 04/9/2023 (Monday) to 06/10/2023 (Friday);
- Admission process: expected on 27/10/2023 (Friday).
Course 5:  12/2023
- Application submission: from 01/11/2023 (Wednesday) to 01/12/2023 (Friday);
- Admission process: expected on 18/12/2023 (Monday).
* Time for admission results: 07 working days after the admission process.
* Time for enrollment: 07 working days after the annoucement on the results.
7. Application Fee
Application fee: 2.000. 000VND/candidate/application document.
Candidates pay fees in one of the following ways:
- In-person at Finance Department, the University of Danang, Room 107, Building A, No. 41 Le Duan, Da Nang City;
- Transfer:
Account holder: Đại học Đà Nẵng (the University of Danang); Account number: 113000176350; VietinBank, Danang Branch. Content of transfer: full name, date of birth, phone number and reason for fee payment.
Transfer via ATM is not recommended.
8. Contact
International Cooperation Department, 10th floor, Building B, the University of Danang, No. 41, Le Duan, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city; Tel: 02363. 891517.

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