Civic Education

Thursday - 07/10/2021 11:44
Civic Education
(Giáo dục Công dân)
2 Objective To enable Civic education students to have professional skills and knowledge and scientific research capacity to teach and work in fields related to ethical education , life skills, economic and legal education at educational institutions, research centers, Unions-Societies-Teams; have the ability to start a business, adapt to a changing working environment and have the capacity for lifelong learning; have the qualities and ethics of a teacher to serve the cause of the development of the country.
3 Job Opportunities: Teaching economic and legal education at high schools; teaching Civic Education at secondary schools, Ethics at primary school, doing research work, and working in Unions-Societies-Teams
4 Further education: Taking a second degree in social sciences, humanities, political theory, educational science; post graduate programs on Theory and Methodology of Political Education, Theory and Teaching Methodology of Civic Education Teaching, Educational Management, Political Theory.
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