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(Báo chí)
2 Objective To enable students of Journalism to have professional skills and knowledge and scientific research capacity to work in fields of journalism, media and other related fields; have the ability to start a business, adapt to a changing working environment and have the capacity for lifelong learning; have the professional qualities and ethics.
3 Job Opportunities: -Working as Reporters and editors at newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio and television stations;
- Working as Research and teaching staff at training and scientific research institutions in the fields of journalism and mass communication;
- Working as Officials in leading agencies, press information management institutions or performing work responsibilities that require a systematic and comprehensive understanding of journalistic theory and skills;
- Working as Specialists at media companies;
- Working as `Communication and public relations (PR) staff at companies, corporations, economic, commercial and service enterprises.
- Taking other positions at agencies and units related to the press and mass communication such as ideological and cultural agencies, social media organizations, and General information departments of socio-political agencies, units and organizations.
4 Further education: - Take post graduate programs on Journalism, Public Relations, and other relevant programs.
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