Information Technology Teacher Education

Thursday - 07/10/2021 11:43
Information Technology Teacher Education
(Sư phạm Tin học)
2 Objective To enable informatics teacher education students to have professional skills and knowledge and scientific research capacity to teach and work in fields related to IT at educational institutions, research institutes and universities, businesses; have the ability to start a business, adapt to a changing working environment and have the capacity for lifelong learning; have the qualities and ethics of a teacher.
3 Job Opportunities: - Teaching Informatics at schools (elementary, secondary, high schools), vocational schools, colleges and universities.
- Being researchers in universities or research institutes in the fields of information technology and education.
- Responsible for specific positions: programmer, program and data designer, database system administrator, software tester, in companies in the field of education.
- Ability to use information technology to work in administrative organizations, businesses, educational and training institutions.
4 Further education: - Take post graduate programs on Informatics education
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